The Paramount Service

We offer a range of assessment services, from Initial Viability assessments through to Special Guardianship Orders and PAMS assessments. Every assessment we are instructed on is submitted with a support document portfolio as detailed below:


Additional Services:

  • PAMS Assessments
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Adoption Assessments
  • Intercountry Adoption Assessments
  • Life Story Work
  • Supervision of Placements
  • Overseas Assessments
  • Culturally Appropriate Services including Interpretation
  • Pre & Post-Approval Training

Turnkey Assessment Service:

  • Our Turnkey Assessment Service enables Local Authority service managers to better control the costs of their department and simultaneously improve the continuity in service to the service users.
  • First, we carry out a low cost initial viability assessment. If it is deemed viable, our assessor will then complete the main assessment, and we instruct the same assessor to supervise the applicant thereafter. If required, a Special Guardianship Order can be carried out after the supervisory period.
  • The key benefit to service users is continuity and support throughout the process, and the key benefit to the Local Authority is a much tighter control on their budget expenditure. Using our service, Local Authorities are now able to outsource an entire assessment from end-to-end, only paying for the work that is required. This significantly reduces expenditure. For a consultation on the potential savings for your Local Authority, please contact us.

Turnkey Assessment Service – Process Flow

PAMS Assessments

Our PAMS team has received their training directly from Pill Creek Publishing, who began developing the programme in 1998 and managed the subsequent transition to a software version in 2004.

Family courts require high-quality information to help them make the best possible decisions. Parenting assessments which are methodical, multidimensional and incorporate evidence-based assessment tools are more useful to the courts in making such important decisions. The assessment of parenting can be highly subjective. As such, tools to minimise this subjectivity are important.

Parenting Assessment Manual Software (PAMS) is a very effective tool. It is a methodical and functional method of looking at parenting, incorporating evidence-based and multidimensional assessment tools. Since 2011 there has been a growing interest in the field around the incorporation of PAMS within parenting assessments for courts, suggesting that judges find it useful in their decision-making process.

The PAMS assessment covers:

  • Child care and development
  • Behaviour management
  • Independent living skills
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Parents’ health
  • Relationships and support
  • Impact of the environment and the community on parenting

Each parenting skill is assessed by knowledge, quality and frequency. By breaking these elements of parenting down into testable components, PAMS begins to make an assessment of quality that is evidence-based.

After the PAMS assessment has been completed it will provide a clear, visual family profile of functioning that targets both parenting support needs, as well as child protection issues. An easy to understand visual Child Profile and Parent Profile gives clear identification of the family strengths, needs and risks associated with their parenting.


PAMS Timings Schedule for Assessment of Two Parents and One Child