The Paramount Team

Our professional staff have experience obtained from middle management levels and senior practitioner roles. Our assessors all have a minimum of five years post-qualifying experience. Experience is vital to our recruitment process, which in turn provides a level of consistency in all assignments we are instructed on. Our assessors undergo scenario based telephone and face-to-face interviews, provide evidence of previous work, as well as reference checks prior to on-boarding and allocation of work. Copies of our assessors’ CVs can be provided on request.


Martin O’Rourke, Learning & Development

It is imperative that our assessments are robust and strongly evidenced throughout. We host quarterly training workshops with our assessment and QA teams to ensure that our assessors are kept up to speed with industry trends and any changes to legislation are addressed regularly. This allows us to maintain the highest quality in all works we are instructed on. We use a combination of theory based learning and interactive studies to create a dynamic environment that enables the assessors to explore the small details that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Jo Hope, Quality Assurance

From my experience, a fresh perspective is invaluable to ensuring the assessment is robust and paints an accurate picture for the decision maker. It is the role of Quality Assurance to ensure that the assessment reads well, is well referenced, and strongly evidenced throughout. If we feel that there are areas which require further exploration, this is highlighted and returned to the assessor to be addressed. Having over 20 years’ experience in the field means that I can be confident when signing an assessment off, that it is of the highest standard for making well-informed decisions either at panel or in court.


Louise Monger, Assessor

Since joining Paramount in 2014, I have felt safe in the knowledge that working through a supportive agency means there is always an opportunity for reflection and guidance whenever it is required; dialogue within Paramount is always prompt and meaningful. The Local Authority can be confident that in employing an Independent Social Worker, the assessments we produce will be of the highest quality given the high levels of support, challenge and reflection Paramount encourages within the assessment team.

We take great pride in our assessments and work in an ethical and methodical way to produce robust, evidence-based work reflective of the needs of children and families. This is vital to ensure the decision making is clear and open to be challenged by panel or in court.

It is critical we can articulate why we are making certain recommendations and justify them in a way that resonates with all parties.  The role requires strong analysis and care planning ability. We have a sound understanding of legislation, policy and case law. Finally we pride ourselves on our strength of character to stand as an expert witness and challenge inadequate practices where appropriate, in a constructive manner, also engaging with individuals who are sometimes reluctant or fearful of Social Work.


For more information on our team structure and safer recruitment policy, please get in touch.