The Paramount Guarantee

Rather than provide a basic staffing resource, Paramount adds real value to the assessment process. Our experience and specialism in completing assessments means we understand every aspect of the assessment process. As such, we are able to maintain the highest standards in all works we are instructed on:


The Three Pillars of the Paramount Service Offering


 Short Timescales

A comprehensive fostering assessment or Special Guardianship Order can take around six to eight weeks for completion. Fortunately, our access to highly committed social work professionals means we are also able to complete and quality assure assessments within very short timescales when required. Our full time assessment team can spend multiple consecutive days with applicants, to ensure a robust assessment can be carried out in as little as 14 days.

Quality Assurance

Prior to submittal, all of our assessments are quality assured by an experienced senior practitioner. The report is assessed for its content and to ensure it is accurately evidenced throughout. Where appropriate, relevant theory & studies are referenced throughout the report, and areas of weakness in the assessment are highlighted. The report is then returned to the assessor, who will address any areas of weakness before we submit the final copy to the client. A redacted copy is also supplied if necessary. This additional step in the process ensures your assessment is ready for filing in court or for presentation to panel as soon as you receive it.

Cost Effectiveness

In the face of reduced government funding, we understand that Local Authority departments are increasingly being run as commercial businesses, with tightly controlled budgets. As such, we offer a solution in line with the modern provision. Working closely with your department, we use your management information to provide an accurate estimate of your cost savings. We have helped save Local Authorities as much as 50% of their normal assessment costs by adopting our turnkey service. To find out how much your department can save, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

For Family Law Solicitors, we are able to work within the guidelines for legal aid, enabling all individuals to benefit from our first class service.